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We at Ocean Therapy Center take pride in providing high quality rehabilitative services. We provide one on one customized therapy to meet the individual needs of each patient.

We incorporate many therapy techniques, modalities, and treatment philosophies to enhance the patient’s recovery process. Explore the services listed below and feel free to contact us for further information.

Manual Therapies

  1. Craniosacral Therapy
  2. Myofascial Release
  3. Visceral Manipulation
  4. NeuroKinetic Therapy®
  5. Joint Mobilization


  1. LightForce Pro Therapy Laser by LiteCure® Medical
  2. 830 Cold Laser Stimulation
  3. Whole Body Vibration
  4. MPS Accupoint Stimulation
  5. Chi Machine

Therapeutic Techniques

  1. Quantum Reflex Integration
  2. Therasuit
  3. Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)
  4. Rehabilitation Pilates
  5. Gait Training
  6. Balance/Vestibular Training
  7. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  8. NDT
  9. Strength Training
  10. Flexibility Training
  11. Functional Activity Training
  12. Closed Chain Activities