"On April 24, 2010, I was admitted to a South Florida area hospital with bi-lateral foot drop and gangrene of the right great toe.

The diagnosis, after eight days of non-stop intravenous antibiotics and countless tests, was that the gangrene had progressed to the point that it would require amputation of the great toe Most probably followed by the amputation of the right leg just below the knee, due to the loss of circulation and inability to heal in that toe and foot area.

I was told the foot drop might repair itself. Or not. No real idea either way. I declined their offer of amputation, was released from the hospital and began looking for alternative solutions.

I found two. Ocean Therapy Center and reversegangrene.com. I began a regimen of intense therapy sessions at Ocean Therapy Center, combined with the Clear G Formula tea supplied by the Canadian formulator Andrew Mierzejewski at reversegangrene.com.

The wonderful therapists at Ocean Therapy Center began with cold laser treatments on the gangrene, ETPS and EMS to promote circulation, plus general needed exercises to re-stimulate nerves and regenerate lost muscle tissues.

I saw improvement over time. The combination was working. The circulation began flowing again. The toe lost its black color and became healthy. The foot drop has now almost completely reversed itself! I no longer need a walker or even a cane. It gets better every day. I continue to come to Ocean Therapy Center for follow-up care.

I cannot say enough about the people that comprise Ocean Therapy Center clinic. In a time when I was terrified about my condition, they were professional, calm and reassuring. ' One step at a time.'

I feel like they are family and look forward to my visits. Thank you Ocean Therapy Center!"


"My name is Allan and I have been through extensive physical therapy between the states of Connecticut and Florida. I presently reside in Florida and recently had a stroke. I was sent to a local hospital for physical therapy.

After twelve sessions at the hospital, I felt that I was not making any progress. Then someone suggested I try Ocean Therapy Center for my treatment. When I began going to Ocean Therapy Center, I was hardly able to walk and use my right arm. With their high tech therapy and outstanding physical therapist, Beth Arias, I am on the road to recovery. Beth is dedicated to her job and spends time with her patients one on one.

I highly recommend Ocean Therapy Center."


"Ocean Therapy Center, the best professional therapy in town. Todd & Julietta are the stars of this operation, and represent to me a consistency in talent, service, and know how. I feel so good!"

Charles Burruano, CPA - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I have been a Physical Therapist for 10 years. I stress my body every day working with different patients in a local hospital. Ever since I had my 1st child 2 years ago (c-section), I have been suffering from chronic back and abdominal pain that has limited my ability to help the patients I see. After my first treatment at Ocean Therapy Center, I experienced immediate pain relief. As I continued treatments my flexibility, strength and overall energy have increased. It has also become easier to work with my own patients at the hospital and play with my active 2 year old son. I am grateful for the help I received at Ocean Therapy Center and would definitely recommend them to all of the patients I see in the hospital once they are discharged."

Amy N. PT since 1997 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I was referred to Ocean Therapy Center by Therapist in my Office building. I had a severe case of Shingles that caused Bell's palsy. I was very self conscious and in a lot of pain. The treatment I received was excellent and I began seeing tremendous improvement within a few short weeks. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to Todd and Julietta. They have been very caring and kind to me. They really helped me get through this difficult time."

Karen Bickford

"I was made aware of Craniosacral Therapy 2-1/2 years ago when I began aggressively trying to heal my daughter's autism.

Victoria was diagnosed with PPD at 3 years old. Her symptoms progressively worsened over the next year. By the age of 4 she had less than 20 words, was fearful, non-responsive and didn't want to leave the house. At 4-1/2, I began to look to alternative methods of treatment. I did NAET (allergy elimination treatment), Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, supplements, and some other emotional therapies with great success. However after over 2 years I felt there was still more to accomplish. Victoria still became easily frustrated and would have tantrums. She also still had speech and language difficulties. In June 2007 A friend recommended I try Craniosacral therapy with Ocean Therapy Center. Victoria has been coming 2 times a week for about 8 weeks and I have seen remarkable progress.

Victoria has so much more self control in situations that used to upset her. Her speech is improving more and more. She is expressing herself better. I have also noticed an increase in her imaginative play and how she plays with her sisters. She is in an Autistic Cluster Program and the school is talking about starting to mainstream her. The biggest indication for me that the Craniosacral Therapy is successful is how much Victoria loves it! She cannot wait to go to see Miss Julietta. The staff at Ocean Therapy Center are so professional and informative. They also have the ability to see the entire person, not just the problem being treated.

Victoria has a twin sister who is not autistic but has major anxiety issues at school and trouble with processing, abstract thinking and left/right brain communication (dyslexia). She is also responding very well to Craniosacral Therapy. Olivia's handwriting has improved. She is also expressing her feelings better than before. Olivia is slowly starting to improve her academic skills. She is able to follow left to right better and is writing almost all of her letters forward rather then backward. Olivia also looks forward to Craniosacral Therapy and tells me it makes her feel better.

I have an 8 year old daughter who is extremely sensitive. She has had allergy treatments for 2 years with great results. However, she would still get hives and itchy swollen eyes when upset. After only 2 Craniosacral Therapy sessions Katherine seemed so much calmer. She has not had one incident of swollen eyes or hives since having the Craniosacral Therapy.

Lastly, I have suffered with neck and back pain for years. My arms always went numb in my sleep. I decided to try Craniosacral Therapy. After 4 treatments my neck pain disappeared and I no longer get numbness in my arms at night.

Four individuals in one family with entirely different issues, yet we were all helped by the same treatment. We are all more content, healthier, more balanced and stronger since commencing Craniosacral Therapy.

Ocean Therapy Center is extremely children friendly and very accommodating to families. I highly recommend Ocean Therapy Center."

M. Jovanovich