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Ocean Therapy Center
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Healing Movement Class
Every Wednesday at 3pm.
We will teach you a simple technique to get rid of pain and stiffness on your own. The cost of the class is $35.
Total Motion Release
What if you could heal your minor aches and pains with 6 simple movements?

What if you could learn to use these movements on your own to eliminate your pain and bring back your freedom of movement?

Every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 we are offering a Healing Movement Class. This is not a workout class where you are going to get sweaty. This is a class where we will teach you how to use specific movements to balance your body and get rid of your pain. You will learn what the movements are and how to know which ones to use for your issues.

This class is for you if...
    - Pain and/or stiffness is taking the joy out of your life
    - You are tired of becoming less active due to pain or stiffness
    - You want to be able to move freely without pain
    - You want to take charge of your health and well-being.
"He who has health has hope; he who has hope has everything"
Arabian Proverb
Don't wait to feel better tomorrow.
Get rid of your pain and move freely today!
Call 954-351-2299 to reserve your seat.
Bring a friend or family member too....they deserve to feel good too!
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